In Memory of Blackcombe Santana

I would like to share with my friends as my eyes fill up with tears the biggest shock,that my best mate

Santana thought it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge yesterday in his sleep.
We both, Mark & I are still going through our heads Why, How, What If, Should We Shouldn't We,

but at the end of the day there was nothing to indicate any thing, except it was his time and nothing

will bring him back. He looked so peaceful......
Geeez, its never bloody easy hey ! Im sorry, can't see the keys. xxxxx


This boy was remarkable , taken away from me very early in life but his memory will always be with me.

 I miss him very much my heart is empty. i know to move on and he is there with me but it hurts and you

never get over it when they leave you.

Rest in Peace Santana, Miss you heaps xxxxxxx


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