Purchasing a Pup


When buying from a breeder,it can be difficult, when you are unsure of

what questions to ask.


Here are some  questions to help you a long :

1. How long have you been breeding for ?
2. Are your dogs well socialised ?
3. Do you have a Prefix ?
4. Are you a member of Dogs West (if the breeder is in WA)
or another Canine of that State the breeder is in.
5. Have the Parents been screened for their Eyes/Mouth, Hips/Elbows &JLPP ?
If so are you able to  show me and how far can you go back to ?
6. Are the pups Micro Chipped, Vaccinated ,Wormed, Registered.
7. What age do you let the pups go to their new homes. (8 Weeks old)
8. what age are we allowed to visit the pups ?
Meanings of words breeders use :
Limit Register :  Cannot be Bred or Shown. They can take part in other
dog activities such as Agility Trials and Obedience Trials. Rally O.
Main Register : they can take part in all the above activities, Show, Breed etc
Pet : This usually means a dog with a disqualifying fault or not suitable in
the breeders eye for the show ring.
Disqualifying Fault :  Not accepted by the dogs standard of the breed
you are looking at getting for Breeding & Showing.
Selection Order of Pup.
Once you have decided to stay with  a Breeder, you then need to find
out how the selection of your pup is made.   Most Breeders have a list
you go on and you place a deposit to secure your puppy. Its what I call
a picking order as in there are 4 males & 4 females and you wanted a
Female then if you were first with the deposit then you would get first
pick of the Females. This is how I work unless keeping one for myself
then you would go second pick.
Every Breeder has there way of lists, orders, etc, of picking a pup.
This is what you need to ask and feel comfortable with. 
Breeders Terms
Quite a few Breeders do not live in Kennel zone areas and they
sometimes come across a  Bitch with potential but cannot keep
it on their property. This is where again Breeders have different
ideas on Breeders Term.  One way i have heard Breeders do is
that you buy the pup but the pup stays in the Breeders name, when
the pup is old enough it is then Hips, Eyes, Mouth & Elbow tests are
done at the cost of the Breeder. If the Bitch passes her tests then she
is mated, you keep the bitch at your place until a week before the whelp
and is brought back to the breeder for the pups and in about four to five
weeks after whelping the bitch is returned to you and your payment of
the bitch is returned to you and is also signed over.
They might also have an older female that might  be looking
for these terms with.
Please check with the Breeder if this term comes up. 


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