Borgottie Forges Finale

To my Best Friend

                                                    Multi V Rated     Borgotti Forges Finale

                                                                  17 -04 -2004  to 17-01-2012

Words cannot express the loss I feel when Forge left this world.

Forge used to take me to bed, when I was sick, he would lie next to me. to make sure I was alright.

When I was sad, he mad me happy, when I was angry he made me laugh!

 Theres not many that got to know this special boy and I wanted to share what i was experiencing and I let him go and live with Mel & Jas.

Now they  know what I know and that is the only way to descibe him was

"that's Forge"

Once you got to know him he was literally part of you in every sense of the word !!!!!!!

Forge/Tank, you were my pride and joy, and always will be !

 I hope your progeny does you proud !

Have fun and enjoy the Rainbow Bridge, I know you are watching over me.


Miss you !  RIP xxxxx

 Here is Forge with Chris taking Liam for a ride.

 Above  Forge at his Breed Survey in 2005. He was 18 months old. Passed !!!

  Here is Forge teaching my kids how to dig !!!

  Thank you to Sharon Waho for taking the above photo of Forge

Above photo is of Forge the WCRC Rottweiler Specialty. He was VP1  16/04/2005

  Here is Chris, &  Forge admiring one of his pups.   

Here is Forge and I playing tug - a - war !!!!

  Rest in Peace my friend xxxxxx




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